Amazing craftsmanship and fantastic customer service. I can’t believe how quickly you managed to adjust my wedding ring! Thank you.

Today i went to try my wedding dress on, this shop very kindly let me 'borrow' the jewellery I wanted to try with my dress so I could see if it would go I already love the bracelet and ear rings and I fell in love all over again when I tried them on with my dress!! Thank you so much for your help! Also my sister went back and brought them for me as a surprise, they are now sat waiting for the big day!!

Outstandingly craftsmanship. wonderful service.

A few weeks ago I took in my Grandmothers engagement ring to see if it could be repaired. She had worn it until the gold wore through and it could no longer be worn. My mum had tried another jewellers in another town and been told 'it wasn't worth repairing' luckily I knew that if I took it to VJG I would not get the same response and today I collected the repaired ring. It has been so beautifully restored plus the stones re-secured and a very sharp edge smoothed off. It is now proudly being worn for the first time in at least 55 years. This is a great jewellers not just for fixing your favourite pieces but for buying new as well, both of which I have done in the past. You are always warmly welcomed and today I was moved to tears by the work done so that this lovely ring could be worn again. Thank you so much.

I have acquired many items of jewellery both as gifts and treats for myself from VJG. I had purchased two similar, circular, drop pendants and decided they would look great attached together to form part of a short necklace. Vicky worked her magic and in no time at all I had exactly what I'd asked for, perfect. I'm so happy. All the staff are friendly and helpful, would totally recommend this shop for unique pieces and friendly service. Thank you Vicky!

Have been buying from them for years. Always great service and beautiful jewellery.

Crafted a perfect rose gold necklace for my girlfriend's 21st, the ladies spent hours in the shop helping me choose/design the necklace - nothing was too much trouble! Would recommend to anyone! Also, great new shop!

I brought my ring in to be repaired. It was broken in two places and I didn't think it would be possible to put it back together. You have done such an amazing job, I couldn't be happier. Thank you so so much! Excellent service and everybody there was so helpful. Couldn't recommend you enough!

I love this shop. Used then to make all my family and friends sparkle. They design and made my engagement ring and wedding ring. Cleaned them up again for our 5th wedding anniversary. Just waiting on hubby to surprise me with the eternity ring. Thing it is call that for the length of time I will be waiting for it :))

My engagement and wedding rings were outdated, i didn't wear either. VJG jewellery redesigned and made them into a modern one diamond band, that i am absolutely thrilled with.

They made my wedding & engagement ring (used my nans wedding ring for part of it) nothing is too much trouble for them. A great team, whom I will always use ... Eternity ring next ...

Thank you Vicky and Team!. After managing to damage my engagement ring beyond repair, I now have a beautiful bespoke ring using my diamonds from the original and a gold ‘nugget’ pendant using the remaining gold! Great customer service and would definitely recommend.

i've just picked up my engagement ring from my mum and I am so so happy! I was jumping up and down when I saw it. I'd given up on the stone not looking cloudy as I've had it cleaned a number of times already with no improvement and two jewellers told me they couldn't do anything with it. Thank you so much!!! Hooray!!

VJ jewellery have completely refashioned/rebuilt my engagement ring which being 100 years old had literally fallen to bits! I am absolutely delighted with the result The care attention to detail and wonderful service was amazing I cannot thank the team enough and would recommend them to anybody The ring now looks so much better than it did before -unbelievable skill creativity and artistry - Thankyou!

I apologise for not writing this review earlier but things have been a bit difficult. Basically myself and my partner went into VJG on a Saturday afternoon to ask whether they would be able to make our wedding bands. Vicky was very helpful but then completely taken a back when we told her that the wedding was in 15 days!!! She was very concerned that they wouldn't be done in time so was a bit reluctant to say that they would definitely be ready. We chose the rings that we wanted which were 18carot White gold bands with a deep groove in the middle. I also chose to have a diamond set in the middle of mine too. She measured both of us up for the rings there and then. Before the end of the following week, I had been in for a final fitting check and my partner went in on the Saturday. By this stage, my ring had already been sent up to London to have the diamond set. The following Friday, 13 days after putting the order in, I received a phone call from Vicky to say that the rings were ready!! I couldn't believe that they were actually done in such a short space of time including having had the diamond set too!!! The rings were just beautiful and exactly what we wanted. We were completely blown away with it all. The service was second to none and there was nothing that they wouldn't have done for us. I wouldn't recommend anyone else to buy jewellery from or to have it made. All of the staff are so friendly, welcoming and very keen to please. Vicki you made our very special day perfect. We can't thank you enough. You are truly awesome xxxxxx

Two years ago the super guys here made our wedding rings. The most Beautifully bespoke wedding bands ever (if I do say so myself). Today they have adjusted the size and cleaned it up, and it looks brand new. I'm so chuffed. Thank you Vikki and co for always making me feel welcome and always giving a first class service.

Wonderful experience at this store. We have bought necklaces to hold my father's ashes in and everyone has been so caring and helpful during this very difficult time. Nothing has been too much trouble. The end product is beautiful and I would highly recommend this shop for their service.

Once again you have exceeded my expectations and created me the most beautiful eternity ring, thank you! It's so lovely to have an idea and see it come to life exquisitely by such talented people! Are there other jewellers in Worthing?.............not like this one!! 🙂

Brilliant! Took a ring in here to look at getting it revamped into something I would wear, and with Vicki's design flair, I now have a stunning, original set of rings that I love.

The best jewellers and jewellery designers by far. I cannot rate them highly enough. X

Staff were really helpful as I struggled with changing the charms on my nomination bracelet 😊

LOVE this shop and the people in it, a little worrying they know me by first name...so patient, and listen to you so they recommend and give more than what you had in mind..exceptional customer service ❤️ Debbie look at my amazing customer made ring, more gorgeous than I could have imagined, thank you.

Vicki and Trev and the team are the best. Highly recommend this fabulous company. They offer great guidance and support. They have made a couple of pieces which I love but they have helped me mend and design my engagement ring. Wow is all can I say. The result is my ring is more beautiful than before still like it was 34 years ago. I was very emotional collecting it. I just love you and your team Vicki. A big big thank you to VJG.

Vicki and Trev and the team are the best. Highly recommend this fabulous company. They offer great guidance and support. They have made a couple of pieces which I love but they have helped me mend and design my engagement ring. Wow is all can I say. The result is my ring is more beautiful than before still like it was 34 years ago. I was very emotional collecting it. I just love you and your team Vicki. A big big thank you to VJG.

They made our wedding rings for us 18 years ago and we are thrilled that they have now made my eternity ring this year. Using my grandmothers stones and shaping it beautifully to fit the others. Highly recommend Vicki and Trevor.

Vicki you and your team are fantastic, I could not be happier with the final result; my new wedding band is amazing, so much more than I hoped for! I think this might have been a harder commission than normal not only because I wanted the original gold from my wedding band incorporated into the new one, the design I had outlined was a bit vague and I’m in America so we had no face to face discussions, but the photo blogs you sent me really helped in feeling part of the process. You guy are geniuses. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Lovely shop with very helpful and informative staff ! Will def be going back with a huge selection of nomination merchandise and very nice down to earth staff !!

Everyone at VJG is so professional and friendly. Had my wedding made by Vicky, was always very friendly and helpful!! So happy! My ring is stunning and couldnt be happier. Highly recommended to everyone xx

I would like to thank both Vicki &Trevor for all their helpful advice with designing & creating a bespoke ring for me. My ring has been made up using new white gold added to heirloom jewellery, my late mum's wedding ring, engagement ring, and my grand mother's wedding ring. The design incorporates diamond's and ruby's recovered from the heirloom jewellery. Vicki & Trevor both offered guidance through every stage of the design allowing me to feel involved in each step as my ring was created. The end result is a ring which is unique and has great sentimental value. I could not be more happy with the service offered from VJG Jewellers.

They designed our commitment rings and we love them.