We offer a comprehensive range of jewellery services from our on-site workshop.

General repairs

We repair and alter chains and bracelets and offer the replacement of a wide variety of precious metal findings including chain clasps, brooch pins, earring fittings to name but a few.

We offer a ring resizing service where we can reduce or enlarge a ring’s size accordingly either by traditional soldering methods or laser welding (see details).

We can supply a variety of diamonds, coloured gemstones and synthetic stones as replacements. Gemstones can also be cut and re-polished. We also offer a gemstone setting service.

As part of our professional jewellery services we are happy to advise regarding any repair issues.

Pearl and bead restringing

We offer a threading service to pearl, natural gemstone, simulated, glass and costume jewellery beads. We supply replacement fittings for necklaces and bracelets including magnetic clasps for easy use as well as an assortment of silver and gold beads.

Hand engraving

We offer a hand engraving service for all precious metals in a large selection of fonts.

Computer aided design and manufacture

We provide this service for designs requiring this latest technology for creating a cost-effective precision master for lost wax casting. This service is recommended for creating designs ideally suited for mass production e.g. corporate items or if the design is too complex or intricate to hand make cost effectively.

Laser welding

Laser spot welding has been a feature of the jewellery industry for the last decade and is fast becoming a staple within the trade. Its main uses and advantages are:

Invisible joinsInvisible joining in Platinum, Palladium, Gold and Silver because when laser welding you can use thin wire in the same alloy as the item being welded as a welding medium.

Sizing of rings – For the same reason as above, thin wire can be used in the same alloy as the ring and the join welded together with no visible seam.

Re-tipping of claws – Because the laser is very accurate and very little heat is generated at the point of welding, you have the ability to repair and re-tip claws on jewellery without the need to remove the stone first.

Cleaning and polishing service

This professional polishing service is invaluable to maintain and optimize the look of any jewellery especially diamond and coloured gemstone set pieces. It is not only essential for daylight to pass through the facets on stones to show off their natural beauty but keeping the back of the settings hygienically clean too! The piece will be checked over to make sure that settings are secure and fittings are working correctly etc. This service is recommended annually to keep all pieces looking tip top!

Rhodium plating

This is a surface covering in which Rhodium (a naturally white metal closely related to Platinum) is deposited on the surface to enhance white gold alloys to create a whiter look on pieces of jewellery. This plating is only a temporary surface finish and wears off with contact and every day wear especially on rings. We recommend a ‘palnic Rhodium plating’ that is a harder plating than the standard plating that can give approx 1-2 years wear (subject to care). Items of jewellery not subject to any abrasion i.e. earrings and pendants will retain the Rhodium plating for longer.

Restoration and re-mounting

We can advise on the restoration work required to all pieces of jewellery from replacing worn out ring shanks and rebuilding settings on a gold engagement ring to a full rebuild on a platinum Art Deco dress ring. If the piece is not restorable we can replicate the piece using the original gemstones if required.


We can redesign and remount customers own gold and gemstones to give pieces a new lease of life. Dependant on the quality and carat of gold – the purer the gold the better the outcome as some alloys added to the lower carats of gold (to either colour or harden) can cause the newly reworked metal to become brittle and porous. We can rework customers own gemstones too. We however cannot take responsibility for the quality of materials not supplied by ourselves. Any reworking of customers own materials is done so at their own risk.


We cannot rework platinum, palladium and silver.

Insurance replacement work

We are happy to assist with an insurance claim for items of lost jewellery. However you will have to ensure that your Insurance Company is willing to use an independent jewellery business to undertake the work.


We are happy to accept customers own bullion in exchange or part payment for any work done. We calculate the value of the scrap metal using the daily bullion price.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


If you do not already have jewellery insurance you may wish to consider purchasing insurance direct from T.H March & Co Limited, a specialist in jewellery insurance. Alternatively, you can contact T.H March & Co Limited directly by telephone on 01822 855555 (please quote our reference AV027T), or via their website.