Let VJG create a unique bespoke piece of jewellery especially for you.

Custom Made Jewellery from Professional Jewellery Designers

If you have an idea of a piece of jewellery that you would like us to create then we would be delighted to work your ideas through with you. Interpretation is the key and our speciality is to help your ideas come to life! Building on your initial ideas and sketches our team can interpret your design or idea which can involve creating a 3D wax model for you to view in advance. At this stage subtle amendments can be made to ensure complete confidence in the final piece. From our wealth of experience gained over the many years in the business we have found that the issue of visualizing the end product is often the most important part of creating one’s unique design.

Once the final design is agreed we will calculate the price based on the cost of the precious metal and labour required. We will then contact you and provide you with descriptions, estimated completion date and cost based on current bullion price. We will require a 50% non-refundable deposit to proceed with your commission. The balance will be payable on collection or prior to dispatch.

Please be aware that the price quoted may vary due to the fluctuating bullion market.

Custom Jewellery Design – Platinum, Gold, Palladium, Silver

We create jewellery in 9ct & 18ct gold (yellow, white, red colour) platinum, palladium and silver.


All precious metals have their own individual properties so consideration should be taken to choosing which metal is the best option for the selected design- not just for the colour of the metal but durability to worn everyday and suitability for style of stone setting etc.


We pride ourselves on taking a very practical approach and always discuss what purpose the piece is required for- whether it is everyday wear….. or for light dress wear and recommend a design accordingly.


As an alternative to our fully bespoke service, we can also supply and assemble quality mass produced components tailored to your requirements. We uphold the same quality control and never supply lightweight or hollow pieces.

Custom Jewellery Design – Do you require gemstones?

Most gemstone material takes millions of years to form. The cooling of the earth’s molten lava and a combination of chemical composition, temperature and pressure forms crystals that give birth to natural gemstones. Some other gem materials like coral, amber, pearls etc. are organic substances that come from plants and animal origin.


Desirable for their beauty, valuable in their rarity and durable enough to be enjoyed for generations. There are more than 40 popular gemstone varieties and many rarer collectable gemstones too. Sourced from every continent across the globe in a myriad of different colours we can transform a beautiful gem into a fine creation!


We can source gemstones of all shapes, sizes and qualities for a specific design. We are happy for you to view a selection and to choose your own individual gemstone!


One of the considerations to make when choosing a gemstone is how durable it is, in light of how it is to be worn, especially if it is for an everyday ring.


(Gemstone and organic substances are often treated by artificial means to improve their colour and appearance by methods other than cutting and polishing. To the best of our knowledge the descriptions of all goods sold by us conform to the rules laid down by the C.I.B.J.O)

Our primary materials

We offer a Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD CAM) service and also 3D Scanning.   Just call us 01903 239574 or use the form on the contact page and we will gladly call you back to discuss your requirements.