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Different Diamond Cuts

The key factor in the beauty of a diamond is its cut. The better the cut, the better the shine and reflection of light. As a result, the diamond cannot fail to draw in people’s attention!

Many people think that when someone talks about the cut of a diamond, they are referring to the shape of the stone, such as round, oval, princess-cut, heart-shaped etc.

However, cuts  actually refer to the symmetry and also the angles that each diamond has. The symmetry relates to the alignment of the diamond’s facets which are relative to the other.

There are three general sections of cut: shallow, ideal (best cut) and very deep.

If the diamond has the correct proportions (ideal cut) the light will reflect the diamond in the centre and be as close to perfect as possible.

If the cut is shallow, the light will escape through the bottom of the diamond.

If the cut is too deep, the light will escape through the sides of the diamond.

What are some of the different cuts found in diamonds?

The round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most commonly used cut and contributes to three quarters of all the diamonds being bought around the world. It has the highest potential for brightness and clarity and is both elegant and refined, making it number one for most people.

A fancier cut is the princess cut diamond. Very popular as engagement rings, this cut is more elaborate and technical than the round cut, but can also be used in a great number of rings, due to their flexibility.

The marquise cut diamond looks like a rugby-ball shape and this startling shape creates an illusion of great size for the wearer. This large overall surface area is ideal for someone who wants to be seen wearing as big a diamond as possible.

Traditional and very much an old favourite, the cushion cut is still popular today for many. Much like a pillow, the cushion cut diamond is square with rounded edges and retains it’s classical connotations.

The pear shaped cut is both beautiful and interesting to look at. Resembling a tear-drop, this cut suits all shapes of fingers and can have a natural slimming effect as the diamond reduces to a point at one end.

The emerald cut diamond is another old cut that looks at once simple, yet breath-taking. With several ‘step cuts’ leading up to an open top, this diamond still looks fresh in it’s simplicity. Other variants of this cut are the Asscher cut and the Radiant cuts.

Lastly, there is the heart shaped cut, perfect for anyone looking to signify their love for another. Growing in popularity, this unique symbol catches the eye immediately and is an ideal wedding ring.

All diamonds supplied are compliant to the Kimberley Process and are guaranteed conflict free.

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