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Coeur de Lion


COEUR DE LION is a leading manufacturer of fashionable designer jewellery based in Germany, launched by Carola and Nils Eckrodt in 1987. Carola and Nils still run the company today.
The distinguishing features of COEUR DE LION creations are the clean-lined language of design and Carola Eckrodt‘s fine sense of colour. It is this combination of artistic resolve and dedicated play with colours that makes COEUR DE LION inimitable.
Carola Eckrodt’s collections are timeless beyond measure, meaning they can be worn with any outfit. It is this that makes our jewellery so special for so many women.
Only top-quality materials are used for our COEUR DE LION jewellery, such as 316L stainless steel, soft nappa leather, Swarovski Elements or diamond-cut, anodised aluminium with its remarkable satin finish, alongside real gemstones like haematites, onyx and tiger’s eye.
COEUR DE LION also sets the highest standards when it comes to the manufacturing
process. Numerous production steps are still carried out lovingly by hand at the studios in Stuttgart. For this reason, COEUR DE LION creations are often referred to as ‘the finest fashion jewellery’. Easily recognisable from the stainless-steel seal of quality engraved on every single necklace and every bracelet: your guarantee for a quality-tested product handcrafted in Germany.

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