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Nomination Bracelet

The Base Nomination Bracelet

Base or starter Nomination bracelets are manufactured from stainless steel links that are totally plain with the exception of the Nomination logo. Their sprung link mechanism allows them to expand over your hand without having to undo them. It is also this unique mechanism that allows the plain links to be removed and replaced with the decorative charms. Base Bracelets are available in either a 13 link or 18 link lengths. An average adult ladies wrist size requires a combination of 18-20 links or charms in order to fit. If you purchase a 13 link base bracelet you will need to order at least 5 charms to make it large enough to wear straight away. We recommend that if you are initially ordering only a few charms you should select an 18 link base bracelet. Extra links are available to purchase individually for people who require a larger size. Please note due to Nomination policy we are unable to sell a base bracelet by itself. You must also purchase at least one individual Nomination charm to go with this bracelet.

The Starter Nomination Bracelet

The Starter Bracelet is a perfect choice to get you going with your new Nomination bracelet. We have a collection of 12 of our most popular starter bracelets comprising of an 18 link base Bracelet and one pre-selected charm. The bracelet will be ready to wear straight away although you may not be able to resist adding more charms! If you order additional charms with the starter bracelet we will gladly assemble them onto the bracelet for you. The starter bracelets are available from £25.00.  Please also refer to our video for manual instructions for fitting and moving charms.

How to start your individual Nomination bracelet

There are two ways to start to create your own Nomination bracelet. You can purchase a Base Bracelet and simply select charms of your choice. Alternatively you can purchase a Starter Bracelet which comprises of a base bracelet and a pre-selected charm from our best selling range. At VJG we love Nomination charm bracelets so much we all have our own. This is how we put ours together and some of the reasons why we chose what we did.

Julie’s Bracelet

My Nomination bracelet symbolizes what is special to me. Firstly, my husbands and my initials in Cubic Zirconia and 18ct gold separated by an enamel red heart. I have two sons and a daughter so I have their initials in red and blue enamel links. I am a Gemini star sign and I have the England flag to mark my nationality. I adore horses so I have a gold hanging horseshoe. Whilst my birthstone is actually an emerald it is not a stone that I personally like so I choose to have my two favourite semi-precious stones a sapphire, amethyst and a hanging peridot. I prefer to have my special charms separated by blank links as I think it emphasizes the meanings more so I choose not to fill up my bracelet.

Vicki’s Bracelet

My Nomination bracelets have me 10 years to compile! On one bracelet I have selected charms to remind me of my hobbies and some of the foreign shores visited like Sydney Opera House and a kangaroo and shooting star for my Australian memories. There are scuba diver and palm tree charms reminding me of my perfect island holidays too. I love the mountains and to ski so have these charms too. On my second bracelet I have both my own and my husband’s initials, my star sign, turquoise birthstone. I also have a tiny size bracelet with a hanging stone on it as contrasting sized bracelet.

Kevin’s Bracelet

This bracelet was a gift from Vicki to her husband and she has collected the charms for him over many years. He has a football charm, football boot, golf, skier, scuba diver and fortunately his local beloved football team Brighton and Hove Albion’s emblem is a seagull so that charm was a must have! I have had a plain gold plate with a secret inscription that means something to both of us hand engraved. There is also the Chinese love symbol and charms that record our happiest shared moments together.

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