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Nomination Charms

Where do I start and how do I choose from so many Nomination charms?

The most popular way to create your Nomination charms bracelet is to choose charms that are totally personal to you. Generally a charm to represent your initial, a star sign, a birthstone, followed by hobbies and maybe milestones in your life. We usually suggest to customers to take their time to look through the catalogue or Nomination website to create their own individual wish list. You will be sure to want lots to start with… but remember it is a collectable piece of jewellery that you can add to over time! Give it some thought and when you are ready to place your order we will gladly assemble your bracelet so it arrives ready to wear. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like the charms arranged onto your bracelet in a particular order.

Suggested links for different occasions

  • Initials – Gold, cubic Zirconia, Silver shine. Red, black and blue enamels (available for special order, please enquire).
  • Star signs – Gold, cubic Zirconia, Silver Shine.
  • Birthstones – Round or oval shape in 18ct gold or sterling silver.
  • Special Birthday – 13, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60.
  • Anniversary – Champagne glasses, hearts, flowers, I Love You, Chinese love symbol, two red cats, pink and blue bunnies, Eiffel Tower.
  • Baby Birth – Prams, storks, twins, boy and girl in gold or enamel, birthstone.
  • Mothers Day – Mum, boy, girl, kids, VIP, Mothers Day, love, angels.
  • General Birthday – Present, cake, VIP, FAB, SIS, Chinese fortune, Happy Birthday, flowers, Claddagh (friendship), champagne glasses, hanging present from charms collection, Best friend.
  • Driving Test – Car, Formula one car.
  • Graduation – Scroll, graduation cap.
  • Wedding – Wedding bells, wedding rings.
  • Christening / Confirmation – Gold cross, 2k cross, angels, chalice and host.
  • Holidays – Sunglasses, flip- flops, palm tree, cruise ship, plane and cocktails. Flags available for most countries and a large selection of monuments from around the world – (special orders please enquire).
  • Animal Lovers – Dogs, cats, paw print, horses, bunnies, horses, horse shoe; riding crops etc. (most other animals available to order please enquire).
  • Good Luck – Four leaf clover, 13, horseshoes, black cat.
  • I love you -I love you, Ti Amo, hearts, flowers, Chinese love symbols, Be mine.
  • Childrens achievements – Music notes, drama (comedy & tragedy), ballet shoes, horse riding, gymnastics, football, rugby, bicycle, guitar, book.
  • General Fun Loving – Shoe, shop, mobile phone, cup of tea, cocktails, wine, lips, ying-yang, stars.
  • Careers – Nurses hat, chef’s hat, sewing machine, scissors.
  • Christmas – Shooting star, Christmas tree, snowman, stocking, Rudolph, Santa, Santa and sack, Angel.
  • No Reason but so popular! – Cherries, strawberry, red rose, poppy, violets, chilli pepper, anchor, shooting stars, stars, rainbow, sunglasses, footprints, snowflake, butterfly, dolphin, dragonfly, penguin, owl, bumble Bee.
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