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Nomination Jewellery

We love Nomination Jewellery at VJG Jewellery!

We have been official Nomination jewellery UK stockists for over 15 years and have seen its popularity grow every year. Our shop holds an extensive range of Nomination jewellery especially the composable classic charms. We have always offered a regular ordering service within our shop however due to popular demand we are now offering an online service.

Nomination bracelets have been created in Florence, Italy since 1987 from hypoallergenic stainless steel and 18ct yellow gold and silver to make stylish, durable yet affordable bracelets suitable for women and men of all ages. A modern day charm bracelet without the soldering costs of the traditional version, you can personalize it especially for you. After your initial purchase of a starter bracelet you can start collecting from the 1000’s of charms across the range. You may choose your initial, your star sign, your birthstone, perhaps your hobbies? Are you into dancing, drinking red wine or dogs? Perhaps you would like to mark a memorable occasion in your life – a graduation, a holiday or a new baby? The choice is endless.

Some of our customers prefer a bracelet with just 18ct gold charms and no colour whereas others love to choose from 100’s of the colourful enamel charms. A beautiful semi precious stone set bracelet in the colours of the rainbow or a touch of bling from the sparkly 18ct gold and cubic Zirconia or new Silver Shine collection. Durable, sprung bracelets with no complicated clasps to do up, Nomination bracelets are also perfect for people who find the use of a traditional clasp fitting awkward. The average wrist size of 7 1/2″ requires 18 classic links to make up a bracelet. Links can be added to make any size so they are suitable for anyone from a baby as a christening gift to a person with a larger wrist. When adding a new charm to your starter bracelet you will need to remove an existing link or your bracelet will become too big. If you find adding new charms fiddly you may wish to use a charm tool or if you are local, call in and we will do it for you.

Nomination bracelets are available in 4 sizes: Big, Classic, Smarty and Tiny. We stock over 800 links for the most popular Classic size but can order any other size or charm from the complete Nomination range which can be viewed at For any help or advice please contact us.

If you are looking for a fabulous, collectable gift for a special person that will allow you to add to easily in the future-look no further than Nomination. You will soon see why our customers do not stop at one bracelet!

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