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Nomination Bracelets: Charming the world since the 80’s

Nomination bracelets are charm bracelets with a difference. They are a piece of jewellery you can tailor entirely to your individual taste. A contemporary take on a traditional piece of jewellery…a more subtle approach to charm bracelets.

The craze begun in 1987 when Italian designer Paolo Gensini had a vision to create a bracelet that was affordable for everyone and let the wearer’s personality shine. Gensini added his own creative flare to the goldsmith traditions of Italy and his amulets were born. Named “Nomination” which is latin for “to give name”, these beautiful bracelets started life in the city of Sesto Fiorentino in Tuscany but have since dominated the world. Their influence on fashion was enormous as for the first time, stainless steel was appearing in the shop windows of a city that was once the capital of fashion.

Since the first bracelets were released, Gensini has involved his whole family in the business and has added over 2000 symbols and new materials to the Nomination range, including precious stones, enamel and diamonds. The bracelets have also started an iconographic language to send messages and show off personalities through beautiful charms.

Nomination bracelets are usually made up of 18 different charms all hooked together on a single stretchy band, however you can use as many or as few charms as you need to fit your own wrist perfectly and comfortably. The original bracelets were made from hypoallergenic stainless steel and 18ct gold and silver. Today you can decide from 100s of coloured enamel charms too, although some customers just prefer the traditional, colourless gold charms which are just as enticing.

Nomination bracelets set out to be a modern day charm bracelets without the enormous costs that you usually expect to pay. You can buy beautiful charms for as little as £16 and starter bracelets for only £27. The best part about this is that although they may be cheap this in no way reduces the quality of these amazing pieces of jewellery.

The whole idea of the Nomination bracelets is to allow you to create something completely unique and special to you. No two Nomination bracelets are the same! There are literally hundreds of charms to choose from to completely personalise your jewellery. You can add your birthstone, initials or a nod to your hobbies such as a shopping bag or football. You can find charms with animals, musical instruments, flags, monuments, fruit and religious symbols on and that’s just to start. There are some quirky charms such as scissors, hair dryers and hot air balloons. There is literally a charm for every subject. You can also mix and match your charms based on your mood, outfit or occasion. For example, you can get Christmas charms to wear for the holiday season or charms with flowers on to match your spring outfit. You can also get engraved charms which would make the perfect heartfelt present for someone you really love.

The unique thing about Nomination charm bracelets is that they are so versatile. They are designed for absolutely anyone to wear including women, children and men.

If that’s not enough, Nomination bracelets can also serve a more practical purpose. Medical alert charms are available to inform people that you are allergic to penicillin. Gone are the days of wearing a copper bangle or have a card in your purse, now you can let the right people know in style.

Nomination bracelets have become extremely popular over the years and many celebrities have been spotted out and about sporting a nomination bracelet. One of the most famous Nomination fans is Hannah Montana actress turned pop sensation, Miley Cyrus. She has been spotted numerous times wearing a Nomination bracelet as has her Hannah Montana co-star Emily Osment. Other stars who wear Nomination bracelets include singer Mariah Carey, dancer and girlfriend of One Direction member Liam Payne, Danielle Peazer, and many Italian footballers.

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