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Famous Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings of the Rich and Famous

Most celebrity women wouldn’t be seen dead without their flashy engagement ring planted firmly on their finger. The mega money thrown around in jewellery shops today is astronomical and this has pushed the popularity of engagement rings up to greater heights as a result. Everyone wants to emulate their heroes of the silver screen or big stage, so here we run down some of the most famous engagement rings of recent times.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian aren’t exactly shy and retiring types, and this is reflected in Kim’s huge Lorraine Schwartz stunner. Coming in at a tear-inducing $8million, this is one engagement ring you wouldn’t want to drop down a drain by accident.

When actor Ben Affleck chose to confirm his love to Jennifer Garner, he placed a huge 4.5 carat rock on her finger. Jay-Z decided that size was important for his fiancé, Beyonce, and went for a goliath 18 carat gem. Brad Pitt opted for a Robert Procop diamond number when it came to popping the question to his soon-to-be Angelina Jolie.

Hollywood isn’t known for it’s longevity in terms of relationships, so it was especially heart warming to see long-term couple Matthew Broderick pop the question to Sarah Jessica Parker with a wonderful yellow diamond ring.

For some marriages, it’s just not meant to be. Take Seal and Heidi Klum for example. Her engagement ring was a bling-tastic 10 carat yellow gold diamond.

It’s not all about ultra-hip and modern bling rings in the land of the celebs though. Justin Timberlake sealed his love for Jessica Biel with a 6 carat classic, vintage-inspired ring.

Another slightly less conventional look was the more classical engagement ring that Tom Cruise bought for now-ex Katie Holmes. This particular ring was just 5 carats and in an oval shape, simple yet effective.

David Beckham went for the ridiculously huge for Victoria’s engagement ring. Encrusted in a sea of diamonds, her ring certainly stood out.

Perhaps arguable one the most famous engagement rings of recent times was the one chosen by Prince William for Kate Middleton. The world was watching on as she faced the public with her sparkling 18 carat sapphire diamond ring. It’s fair to say that most of us were pretty jealous of that one!

So it seems that celebrities love a good engagement ring more than ever and certainly like diamonds. Some are traditional, many are bespoke and trendy but all are outrageously expensive and dazzling.

Of course, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have a WOW engagement ring. We can design and make an engagement ring suited to your particular style, be it big and bold, or smaller and classic.

Call us or pop into the shop for more details on our design service.



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