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Engagement Rings for Men

Mens Engagement Rings - A fad or a new era for engagement rings?

Yes, you did read the title correctly – engagement rings for men. You might think that this is just the latest craze or trend to come out of Hollywood (see Johnny Depp’s bit of pre-nuptual finger bling), but actually, there are signs that times could well be changing.

The classic image of the man asking for the hand of his female partner was until recently the first hint of seeing any engagement ring. However, traditions are not immune to the advancement of time and now men appear to be getting in on the act. These changes in the cultural landscape have led to engagement rings for men becoming the next big thing in jewellery lines across the western world.

An engagement ring for a man seeks to link the perfect balance between nobility, character, comfort and beauty. Males are choosing classic styles where elegance is forged alongside the spectacular. Nothing works better for this purpose than white gold, palladium and platinum. Depending on the requirements you have, you can go for a white, yellow or red gold ring in the 9ct alloy ensuring durability, which is also more economical, or you could lean toward the more traditional and ornate 18ct white, yellow or red gold .

There are also rings with gems or diamonds that have been gaining popularity steadily.

Linking to the above, jewel encrusted rings have experienced an increase in demand as they have adapted their designs for men. Most pieces include a diamond, but are overall not too flashy, with predominantly platinum, palladium and white gold as materials. In any case, you can personalize the design with the materials you prefer.

So, there are plenty of choices out there, but is it all just a flash in the pan or are they here to stay? Well, the signs are that engagement rings for men are going to be around for some time and may even become the norm amongst young couples. We may see a time where it isn’t even seen as out of the ordinary and the male engagement ring simply becomes yet another fine tradition associated with marriage.

Traditionally the ring would be worn on the ring finger on the left hand for the engagement and either worn alongside the wedding band or alternatively moved over to be worn on the ring finger on the right hand once married.

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