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Engagement Rings in 2016

Choosing the right engagement ring is important. It is a symbol of your love and commitment and as such, it needs to be perfect. Whilst simple, elegant, quality rings will always stand the test of time, engagement rings like everything else, see trends come and go and 2016 is no exception.

The good news is that when it comes to jewellery, almost anything goes! Engagement rings are becoming more original and less generic. You can still obtain the classic patterns of bridal jewellery, but so too can you select more quirky, personalised pieces. This kind of versatility is great, especially because you can now choose a ring specifically to complement your loved one’s character. There are no social constraints. If a solitaire diamond isn’t your cup of tea, go for something different. It’s all about personal taste these days.

Here are five tips for those seeking the perfect engagement ring:

  1. The Solitaire is still the “King of engagement rings,” but now increasingly the centre stone is not carried high, making the diamond integrate into the frame for a more efficient, contemporary look.
  2. Another great option is to change the gemstone. Kate Middleton inherited Lady Diana’s engagement ring in sapphire blue and thus this became fashionable. Other popular precious gems include sapphire, ruby or emerald. Do not hesitate to opt for an engagement ring with a “retro” style, they are often the kind that won’t become dated and carry a sense of timelessness with them.
  3. The real revolution of this season is that the man will design an engagement ring for his loved one, as did actor George Clooney for Amal Clooney, his future wife. To be precise, it was a diamond solitaire with seven carat emerald … to dream! Traditional jewellers are already proposing this kind of service, whereby you can choose the design or record a single message in your engagement ring, which makes it emotionally much more valuable.
  4. 2015 has seen a rise in rose gold for engagement rings – it is ideal for a very feminine jewel. Rose gold is also very chic and an elegant alternative to other more commonly used materials, such as silver, platinum and white gold metal. Also mixing metals is a popular trend. Rose gold, sitting alongside yellow gold and white gold is an unexpected current trend and one which works surprisingly well.
  5. Another major trend is the vintage romantic style. If your partner is “boho”, i.e. a bohemian-romantic-dreamer, then this type of ring is an ideal model of floral and organic inspiration. Examples include the Hortensia Collection, the first floral collection of fine jewellery from Chaumet; or a Chanel camellia ring, emblematic of Cartier; or the magnificent Piaget Rose.
  6. VGJ Jewellery not only stock a range of quality engagement rings, we specialise in designing and creating bespoke engagement and wedding rings. It’s not just the George Clooneys of this world who wish to express originality in this most important of purchases!

    If you would like to learn more about engagement rings, read our blog post; A Brief History of Engagement Rings.

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