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Autumn Winter 2014 Jewellery Trends

There are certain designers that tap into a season and create a buzz like no other. These designers know how their models will stroll the walkways to fill magazines, and this will be repeated in shopping centres, creating a wave around the world. In some countries it is modified and altered, but the concept is essentially what they have created for the season.

So, what do we have in store for jewellery in Autumn/Winter this year? One such palette is inspired by the tones of the 1950s and is noted for its mix of materials, such as plastic and metal. Accessories are going to be big too, with retro bangles high on the agenda.

There are a few fashion houses that are getting in on the tribal trend in jeweller. Take Swarovski for example, with its concept of “Tribal Glam” which highlights lines inspired by African art and crafts. On this basis, the genre has been given an urban twist. These twists create a contemporary look by adding metals of gold and silver, along with materials like wood, leather, textiles and combinations of bold animal prints and fringes. This gives a new feel to the style, which is casual and sophisticated at the same time.

Dolce & Gabbana are adorned with accessories too in the coming seasons. Princesses with their costumes and fairy-tale characters took to the catwalk, with great attention to detail. The accessory that was highlighted was a bell-shaped garment adorned with a stone waterfall. This was combined with ornate accessories – ideal to give a magic touch to the final look.

There is a tendency toward “Hippy” and “Fringe” at the end of 2014; redefining them to give a more sophisticated vibe. The neo-hippy look (Bohemian Tic-Tac) took to the catwalk too, with the 70s and the gypsy style combined. It shows how to create a winning combination. Many of the fashion houses have put pieces of warm colours together, preferably neutral colours (beige or pink) with well-marked lines. The jewellery trend to combine with this emerging look would be fringed bracelets and necklaces. What will be the result of all this? Pure elegance.

Alongside the tribal and gypsy styles are a move towards defined lines and the contemporary too. Bright jewels are the strong point. Mixing these elements with rigid lines and cut edges, see the return of crystals (can be a bracelet or necklace). The necklace would be the perfect choice and this is a recurring theme for Autumn/Winter 2014.

Larger chains will be the new trend and indeed the coolest for the coming winter. It’s highly likely that the most important fashion editors and bloggers will be talking about extra-large chains. There are two suggestions:

Either go for silver and another metal for a polished look, using cool tones that combine perfectly with abstract patterns. Or you could opt for the golden yellow and pinks, as they are very striking when used with warm tones or pastels.

Lastly, is the trend that will lean towards the more ethnic touch. Rings made of bamboo will be the order of the day; be bold, use a strong combination and put a collar around the neck covering. This type of jewellery is perfect in combination with an animal print top – which ties into the tribal trend of Winter 2014 nicely.

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